Job ID: JES-013181
Job Title: Heavy Equipment Mechanic
State: Georgia
Looking for an EXPERIENCED Mechanic in the Norcross area. Small Tool, Small Equipment, Farm Equipment, or other manufacturer repair certifications- perfered. 3-5 years Mechanic experience on small-engines for tools equipment that require mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic repairs. Someone experienced with working on Trowel machines, Concrete Vibrators, Cut-Saws etc is a . MAJOR plus. Mechanic must have a successful track record that reflects consistant improvement, and obtainment of assigned goals. You must be able to prioritize well, and complete multible tasks. Must be self motivated and organized. we are looking for someone who has great Customer Service skills, and is able to work in a team enviornment. If this sounds like you, and you are in the Norcross, GA area? Please send your resume to: THEN- Call Jane @ 314-787-6203. Once you have submitted for this job, you will be contacted.

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