Get the Job You’re Looking for with NPPS

As a valued candidate of NPPS, we work to help you put your best foot forward in your next career move. Our recruiters are in the job market working with industry clients to find experienced, driven, passionate individuals who are looking to advance in the Printing and Packaging trades.

Our step by step process helps our candidates to get the highest rate of success when heading into the interview process.

We will assist you with key aspects that help get you hired.

  • Proper dress attire for the interview
  • Questions that help you engage on both a personal and professional level
  • Follow up procedures that can provide opportunities for a second and/or third interview
  • Compensation negotiation assistance
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Resignation process assistance
  • Resume Writing Assistance

We review your resume with you to ensure that it represents your skill set and experience but doesn’t overwhelm the hiring authorities. Many candidates have great experiences but are unable to turn those into opportunities because their resume does not represent them well. We will take that extra time to get your resume in good order before submitting you to the company.

Our professional recruiters are already one foot in the door.

We are here to help you understand the wants and needs of the position so that you can make the impression you want when talking and meeting with hiring managers.

Recruiters can be a great assets to candidates.

We are in the job market talking to hiring managers all the time. We pride ourselves on knowing the industry. A short resume upload can change your ability to reach hiring authorities in expanded fields within packaging and printing. If you are interested in becoming a valued candidate with us. Please follow the steps to creating an account and uploading your resume. We will be using this as our first resource for candidate sourcing when new opportunities arise.


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