Printing Equipment

Adam Brenner – President – Senior Recruiter Printing

Adam is the President of NPPS and the senior recruiter for Printing Equipment and Supplies. His passion and commitment to the industry have helped over 500 candidates find rewarding careers in Print. With 25 years of experience, Adam has been able to fine tune a comprehensive recruiting process to bring the best talent to the clients he serves. His clients trust his expertise to find candidates for positions ranging from executive managers to field service technicians. Many of his candidates advance within their organizations and continue to reach out for industry advice and hiring needs.

As a valued client, Adam will work as your partner in the hiring process. He brings unique knowledge of the print job market and the industry standards that will help clients to make informed and effective decisions about the candidates. We offer full screening of all candidates, scheduling for interviews, drug screening and background checks. We work with the candidates to guide them from the offer letter to the start date. If you are interested in discussing your organization’s hiring needs, please do not hesitate to call, email, or connect with Adam on LinkedIn here.

If you are a candidate looking for insight and representation within the industry, we want to talk to you! Please reach out to us by email or phone or submit a resume on the website to be matched to jobs and employers in the industry looking for your skill sets. We are always available for a conversation and look forward to the opportunity to represent you in the future.

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