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We Link Great Candidates to Great Companies

Our team is 100% committed to the task of connecting the right people to the right positions. We are the most specialized, printing industry specific, recruiting service in the nation. We know how important it is to match employees with the perfect job, and how vital it is for companies to locate great staff, in order to take the business to the next level. We take the time to listen to your requirements, and we’ll make sure that we meet your needs as effectively as possible. We offer everything you need to hire the perfect person or discover the ideal job. Contact us today and Experience the NPPS Difference.


Imagine having all your staffing challenges addressed in one place, with one point of contact, one dedicated recruiting specialist who understands that while your business needs to fluctuate, your need for top-notch skilled and professional performers never wavers.

NPPS offers flexible, cost effective staffing solutions, backed by real industry knowledge and years of staffing experience. Learn More Here


Using the right recruiter can make all the difference in your next career move! NPPS has the industry experience and are in constant contact with the hiring managers that you need to reach. We have placed many qualified candidates, just like you, in the positions they deserve. Check out our job database or feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and career goals with one of our recruiters.  Learn More Here


We believe in an unshakable commitment to the truth.

Tell everybody the whole truth, all of the time. There is no honor and no value in misleading people.

We believe in professional integrity.
We will deliver the service we promise and we will not promise what we cannot deliver.

We believe in respect.
For our clients and candidates. For our company and staff.
NPPS faithfully commits and surpasses all of the legal and ethical standards of our business.

We believe in controllable and predictable fees.
Clients have budgets too, and they should be aided in controlling their recruiting and staffing costs.

We believe that this is, first and foremost, a people business.
We are helping real people establish lasting relationships in their careers.
Long-term goodwill of ALL parties involved is the only true measure of recruiting and staffing success.

20 years recruiting experience
Applicant sourcing
Job Posting
Pre-employment Screening