Packing Equipment

Kris Nunes–Senior Packaging Recruiter

Kris joined the NPPS team 5 years ago as the packaging and processing specialist. His experience includes recruiting for positions in engineering, sales, service, operations, production and management.

As a customer focused specialist, Kris can dwindle down the resume load and present a small pool of qualified candidates that can succeed in the role. As technology and automation continue to transform the packaging and processing industry, the competition to find top talent is increasing. Kris’s goal is to handle the whole process for his clients, by screening all candidates for qualifications, provide a brief synopsis for each candidate submitted, assist with interview scheduling, and if needed provide salary negotiation and background and drug screening services. He can be as involved as you need him to be. You can reach him by email at here and connect with him on LinkedIn here.

As a valued candidate, Kris will act as your partner and guide you through the interview and hiring process. From reviewing your resume to scheduling your interviews and assisting with your salary review if needed. Kris will work to secure you the best deal for your future career in the trade. If you are currently working in the industry and interested in a new opportunity, we want to talk to you. If you are not in the industry and want to get into this fast-growing field, we can help you. Working with an experienced recruiter can help you get seen and heard by some of the top hiring managers within packaging and processing. You can contact me here or email me here.

20 years recruiting experience
Applicant sourcing
Job Posting
Pre-employment Screening